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Amazing Thailand - Bed To Bangkok

5 popular locations of backpackers in Bangkok

2019-04-23 14:40:22 in Travel Guide » 0 1298

Analyzing 5 popular
location of backpacker,
choose 1 suits your.


There are many many hostels in Bangkok, and
most popular locations are
Khao San Road,
Siam - Sukhumvit, Silom Road, Hua Lumphong
and Chatuchak Mochit Chit.

Remember that there is no one single location
could 100% cover all attractions, choose
one whcih is most fit to your itinerary.

1) Khao San Road


If you are not a party animal who loves
hustle and bustle, 
we don’t recommend
you to stay in this area. 
You can always
visit this  famous little road 
on your
way to The Grand Palace.

Khaosan Road, a hotspot among
backpacker. This is near to The Grand
Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha,
etc.,a place never rests and full of
hustle and bustle. The major drawback
is there is no BTS or MRT connecting 
to Khaosan Road.  This is quite 
inconvenient to commute to other
places within Bangkok, although many
tour companies offer one day tour or
long haul coach to other major cities
 in Thailand. It seems quite handy, but
the price tag is really expensive
(3 times of the ticket from bus terminal). 


2) Siam - Sukhumivt

 If you plan to travel within Bangkok, or go to
Rayong, Ko Samet, this is the right
 If you plan to go to Central or
Southern parts 
of Thailand, such as Hua Hin,
Ayutthaya, or Maeklong Railway 
then this is not the right place to stay.

Siam - Sukhumvit, is an area for shopping 
and tourists as well as a famous red-light 
district. This is right in the city center,
shopping malls around, BTS and
Ekkamai Bus 
Terminal is located there too,
very convenience in terms of travel within
Bangkok, ahead to Pattaya, Rayong or
Ko Samet. 
Serious traffic jam is the major


3) Silom

 If you will only travel within Bangkok city,
while you don’t mind 
the cleanliness and
quality of the hostel, 
then this can be an
option for you.
Silom, is a commercial area with lots of 
pubs & bars around, it is also well connected 
by BTS and MRT.  The major advantage is 
highly accessible within the city, this is 
easy to go to the train station and attractions 
along the river too, hostels in this area are
 also inexpensive (as low as 100baht).  This
is a red-light district, it is not unusual to
bump into a bunch of drunken tourists and
many low-quality hostels around too.  This
area is not near to long haul bus terminal,
if you plan to travel to other cities in
Thailand, Silom may not be suitable
to you. 


4) Hua Lumphong

 If you really need to catch the train, we
recommend you 
to stay here for 1 night only.
Hua Lumphong, near to Train Station area.  As
long as not during peak hour, the traffic is
fine. Hua Lumphong is near to the attractions
such as The Grand Palace, Temple of the
Emerald Buddha, Chinatown, etc.  It is
connected by MRT, many street food around. 
This area is suitable to the travellers who
need to take long-haul train. If you plan to
go to short-haul trip such as Ayutthaya,
Hua Hin, we don’t recommend you to take
train, on-time performance of train service
is really bad, 2-hours train ride can end up
with 4 hours. The train station will close
next year, most of the hostels in this
area are quite old, there are not many
good choices. 


5) Chatuchak Mochit area

Chatuchak Mochit area,
where Bed to Bangkok locates. if you have
a very tight travel itinerary which include
Chatuchak Weekend Market, or you want to
travel to Ayutthaya, or Maeklong Railway
Market, etc., via the biggest bus terminal in
Bangkok, Northern Bus Terminal Mo Chit,
(also named Mochit 2 Bus Station or
New Mochit bus Station) or you need
to travel via Don Mueang International
Airport, then Bed to Bangkok in Chatuchak
Mochit area is perfect for you.  By the way,
Northern Bus Terminal Mo Chit offer buses
to all cities and regions in Thailand.
However, If you plan to travel within Bangkok 

city only, this may not be an ideal location,
this is not close to the famous shopping mall. 

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