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Amazing Thailand - Bed To Bangkok

best location in bangkok

2019-04-02 13:59:23 in Travel Guide » 0 1391


Where is the best
location to stay
when travelling
in Bangkok ?


Long story short

1) If you are traveling within Bangkok city,
or travel between Bangkok and Rayong,
Pattaya, Ko Samet, or traveling via
Suvarnabhumi Airport,
then you should choose
siam – Sukhumvit area

2) If your itinerary includes Chatuchak
Weekend Market and other areas such as
Ayutthaya, Floating Market, Hua Hin,
Chiang Mai or traveling via Don Mueang
International Airport, Bed to Bangkok in
Chatuchak area is your top choice.

If you want more details.....
Bed to Bangkok highly recommend
Chatuchak Mo Chit area.
(Read for details !)


There are many attractions in Bangkok,
and they scatter around the city. Basically,
there is no one single location where can
offer perfect accessibility to all the
attractions. Therefore, it is important to plan
out the itinerary, then select the
accommodation location 
according to the transportation.

Many tourists make the same mistake, they
believe city centre is the most convenient
location.  However, they travel within city
center for 1 day only, then spend other days
in Chatuchak Weekend Market and
Floating Market, in fact lots of time is
wasted on transport at the end.


3 major criteria of
selecting location


1) Utmost important criteria: it must near to
BTS or MRT.  Bangkok is notorious for its
extraordinary traffic jam, you might be
stuck at one traffic light for an hour.


2) It should be near to at least 1 or 2 attractions
that you plan to go.  By the way, Looking
for a glass of beer is not an attraction,
it can be found easily in almost every corner
in Bangkok. There is really no point to stay at
Khao San Road particularly.

Chatuchak Weekend Market


3) If you plan to go to suburban areas, or other
cities such as Ayutthaya, Maeklong Railway
Market, Floating Market, etc., then you should
save time by staying near to bus terminal.

Mochit 2 Bus Station

Bed to Bangkok met all these 3 criteria. 
However, it might not suit your itinerary.

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Bed to Bangkok
definitely recommend
 Chatuchak Mochit area,



One day trip to Amphawa
Floating Market &
Maeklong Railway

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